In this post, I will show you how to create Google like Image Search View using Jquery Plugin jQuery.GI.TheWall.js.

Take a look at the demo and download the complete code to try yourself.



Options Available

Open the expander div if it’s closed otherwise just update the content inside

  • Hide the expander cleaning its inner html

  • Update the plugin DOM elements (css classes and positions)

  • Update the elements position

  • Update the expander div position if it’s visible
  • Resize the height of the expander to any custom value

    • newHeight {int} : the new height value that must be set to the expander wrapper

  • Show the content of any brick by selecting it via index

    • index {int} : index of the brick we want to show

  • Show the next brick to the one selected

  • Show the previous brick to the one selected

  • Bind all the plugin events

  • Remove all the plugin events

  • Remove all the plugin events and the plugin DOM elements